Sunday, August 20, 2017

Black Mourning Light Metal fest 2017

Founded by Dustin Ekman in 2015, Black Mourning Light has grown from a one-day festival to a two day festival, and has hosted such bands as Uada, Helleborus, Panzerfaust, Erimha, Idolatry, Noire, and Altars of Grief, and many more. Headlined by two of the most notorious bestial black metal bands in the history of the genre, Black Mourning Light Metal Festival once more shows growth in it's short time in existence. Revenge and Blasphemy top off a festival brimming with putridity. Also featuring the bands Rites of Thy Degringolade, Antichrist, The Projectionist, The Lucifer Project and more, Black Mourning Light is a certified destination festival, and one of the few in Western Canada that caters specifically to the black metal and doom crowd.
Tickets are available online through TicketFly and Crown of Viserys.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Total Death-Inmerso en la Sangre (2015)

Total Death have pretty well abandoned most of their old doom-death roots with this release, "Inmerso en la Sangre". A few roots still remain but not enough to consider it as much of a doom album in the vein of the previous classic . Instead we are treated with more experimental Death Metal, even progressive music. But you can find some good heavy guitars. This album would be better classified as dark beauty. The vocals are pretty well all in some form of clean singing or spoken vocals. I believe they have really improved their vocals. Much more atmospheric is this release, although in a different way from their previous style. Relies on more of a mixture of melodic guitars. Clean electric, acoustic are used quite often as well as a few excellent lead harmonies. The sound in general is much softer but still can easily be considered a dark, sorrowful album. Has the occassional chaotic screams which compliment the music great, but its main strength over the older albums is well produced, well played variety of instruments. They use keyboards and other atmosphere to make up for the lack of distorted intensity on this release present in older albums. Total Death took a huge step and a chance on this Record. It is good music, good songs. I  would recommend it to anyone not just looking for heavy metal. Vocals play a large part in this, but the music has a more epic feel to it as well. Over the course of this album, emphasis is put equally on instrumentation and atmosphere, which is an incredible combination when correctly executed. The guitars dirge along, almost as if trying to enact the emotion that the song's lyrics portray. In other words, I was surprised when I finally took the time to give this album a proper listen. Good Job on this one!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jenner-To Live is To Suffer (2017)

This album is a simple Speed/Thrash metal effort, a very good one. A polished production. "Hear the Thunder Roar" completely crush your skull, as well does "Demon's Call", "Factory of Death" is the obligatory headbanger of this album.The whole album is totally well produced, and I like that. I rather listen to something that sounds amazingly good than a tape recording of a Poser black metal project. Overall it's a great recomendation for anyone who likes 80s metal. We have a large collection of solid tracks that could shack up to the "Fabulous Disaster" era of Exodus and some Warlock influences in terms of vocal performance and riffs. What do you get when you blend the riffing style of  Speed/Thrash metal and add vocals of Doro ??? Answer: You get Jenner. "To live is to Suffer" packs a screaming punch of Speed/thrash metal. There are a lot of enough good songs on this album for every metal head to want to seek out this album. The voice is amazing, and if you've never heard it then you are missing out!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Fondlecorpse-Dark Contagion (2017)

Silvester Koorevaar is a genius in my book. This Cd is amazing, with an amazing mix of styles and genres including death, grind and thrash Fondle Corpse from The Netherlands has created an awesome fucking album. There is so much diversity here that literally any Metalhead can enjoy it. The guitar tone is killer, my favourite parts are all of them, even solos (yes you heard right) solos. Nothing here sounds out of place, they also have  great riffs and grooves that really give the album replay value. I could find myself going back to this album every now and then whenever I need a good extreme metal fix.  About the vocals, got your growls and screams and all that. Fits with the music fkn well. What do you expect from a extreme fkn band? The drums are good, lots of blasts and what not, good tempo, etc. Everything played on this album is really good plus the bass. I could listen to it all day, it's still stuck in my head. To sum up this album... BUY IT! It is well worth your money. The musicians who play them rule and even the lyrics rule too! They're all about gore. If you want a good listen, this is the right place to find it. I highly recommend this to anyone who just wants to hear some good Metal. I don't know what else I can tell you to convince you that you should get this album, just fkn get it!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Necrowretch-Satanic Slavery (2017)

The guitar playing on this album is vicious. This is what death/thrash should sound like. It is just unbelievably kickass with the fast paced thrash. "Satanic Slavery" starts with a brutal approach. After the first song kicks into you'll feel like you're in fucking hell. The vocals are very aggressive and suit the music perfectly. Blast beats and traditional death metal like guitars is what you will find on these Gem. The savage death metal style guitars mutate into a thrash symphony which is very, very well executed. The brilliancy about this band is that they somehow manage to integrate so many riffs into one song to technical perfection. While this album is extremely fast it almost seems as though it comes naturally and with little effort. The power on this band is absolutely inspiring. The whole album is dark and it's heavy as fuck the whole way through, and also essential to any fan of death or thrash metal. Fantastic!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Compendium of Metal Vol. 10 by Metal on Metal Records (2017)

Well, the material here kicks ass. However, some of it is spectacularly generic. Basically what what we have here is a sort of sampler of bands, with each band getting one track. The opening band, Outrage, I don't even know how to put this. They are easily the strongest band on the compilation, and really a good choice for an opening band to start the compilation. The song is fucking BRUTAL thrash in the vein of old Kreator/Sodom, which is totally fine in my book. Eternal Thirst from chile is a good power metal band. However, there's not a whole lot else I can say about them. They sound like they know exactly what they're doing, and succeed at what they're trying to achieve. The Lamp of Thoth (Doom/Heavy Metal), Meliah Rage (Power/Thrash), Emerald (Heavy metal), Ankham Witch (Heavy/Doom), Risen Prophecy (Thrash/Power), Horacle (Heavy metal), Sacro Sanctus (Blackened Heavy/Doom), Cadaveric Poison (another amazing Death/thrash project by Paul Speckmann), Wildhunt (Technical thrash), Metal Law (Traditional heavy metal), Sacred Gate (Heavy Metal) and the legendary Power/Heavy metal band Attacker. Pretty much all the bands are Heavy, Thrash and/Or Death Thrash just a couple of average Doom tunes as well. This compilation is definitely worth your time to hear and after a careful consideration, I'd say that this album is worth buying, if you enjoy any kind of Traditional Heavy Metal or thrash, especially the really vicious, nasty kind that borders on blackened thrash or deathrash. If you see this CD at a local record store or, pick it up!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Outrage-And the Bedlam Broke Loose (2017)

There are various reasons why I consider this to be a killer band. First of all because it musically is a fucking ‘evil’ style of thrash. Fast and filthy. Opening track "And the bedlam broke loose" simply is the best song ever written. This composition comes close to perfection. The threatening into riff emphasised by the supporting distorted bass guitar, followed by an up tempo verse and chorus and a eerie mid paced middle section. The dynamics presented here are mind blowing and the song never loses its tension. Another thrashing highlight is "Breed" on which Frank P. sounds best with his raspy voice. Definitely a brutal song. This album is Strong, fast, catchy and filled with great riffs, breaks and lyrics. I really enjoyed this album from start to finish. This album isn’t anything groundbreaking, but holy shit does this rock pretty hard. In the end, you can’t claim to know what extreme metal is, if you have never listened to “And the Bedlam broke Loose”: this opus embodies the truest, most primitive soul of Metal (which nowadays has been unfortunately lost among many circles), but behind it there is a highly competent and passionate band that manages to shine flawlessly in terms of quality and professionalism, in a cohesive mix that reaches absolute perfection. Listen to this album, or die trying 'cause it's fkn amazing!!
Review by Paul Caravasi