Sunday, June 18, 2017

Aneurysm-Life of Evil (2016)

When the colossal groove of "Life of Evil" first emanated from my stereo, it was a revelation. Raw Metal from Italy. Headbanging Riffs and crusty hardcore punk attacks that bordered on death metal without transgressing over, blew me away. I find Aneurysm to be a reckless force of barbarian indifference -- they clearly don't give a fuck about you and what you think about what they do. It absolutely fuckin' slays! Primitive but effective. A complete head snapper, the songs hit with insane riffs and vocalist just bellowing his lungs out.This whole record is basically psycho-addictive and I've become more hooked with every listen.  Scintillating headbangable riffage and a raw primal swagger that runs a gauntlet of styles and tones with ease -- the residual after-effect equivalent to several tons of pure cocaine, a straight-up adrenaline shot and one of my favorite musical experiences. But I truly feel it can appeal to fans of everything from Exodus to Autopsy and I cannot see how that is a bad thing. Narrow minded opinions don't appeal to me as much as the direct musical connection. And personally speaking, i'll be discovering new bands playing Metal and will forever do so. Sickeningly vicious, and heavy as hell, "Life of Evil" tips the scale as a great and enduring metal record.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Gravered-Coffins Graves and Tombs (2016)

The starting track says it all, with the intro and the killer riff playing, to the vocal patterns, to the drum tracks that are primitive yet captivating, this recording will be looked back on from hundreds of years in the future as a prime example of Southamerican death metal fully matured and devastating. Even if you do not like old school death metal sound this EP should be picked up, it is only four tracks, and demonstrates where this great genre is all about. The Ep sounds like much like the dungeon days in general, being creepy and eerie as all hell, cryptic sounding, this EP is absolutely penetrating. I really enjoy this band for being one of the more aggressive Death Metal out there.  The production is dense and warm but also captures the sharp spots in the drumming. (The guitars have quite the bass oriented sound…nice and thick.) growls are deep and brutal. The clanging drums add a much night bright sound balancing the attack with perfect aplomb. I say that this Ep is DEATH METAL and this Ep is GREAT. If you like the OLD school of classic death metal this is a band you simply MUST own. They keep the bloody nature of death metal true to itself. Beers for these men!!! Now GO…BUY IT!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Friday, June 16, 2017

Ruin (Usa)-Drown in Blood (2017)

Old school death metal at its finest. Loud, fast, heavy and just full of sick little riffs all over the place. This is a very sick sounding album and I love it. It's always a pleasure to hear an album that completely surpasses my expectations of it. This album is one of those that just brings a smile to my face. I prefer early death metal solely for the fact that it sounds like really brutal thrash without the bullshit. Most metal albums in general put so much emphasis on the guitars that it drowns out the bass a lot of the time so it's great to hear such a powerful bass on this one. Not to mention the fact that it makes the songs sound a lot heavier. Pretty good guitar player too, brutal solos. As for song writing, it's pretty much what a  death metal should sound like. I can't get enough of it though. These guys can write some insanely ass kicking songs, very enjoyable none the less. Some of the riffs on here remind me of stuff you'd hear in a gore flick or something. Very twisted sounding and creative. So far this is the most brutal album I've heard in 2017. I look forward to hearing more of Ruin. If it's as brutal and sick sounding as "Drown in Blood" then I'm sure I'll love it. Awesome!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Malevolence Records-Volume 3 (2017)

Great album from start to finish; I found this album thanks to Nathan Mcleod of Malevolence Records. This is worth getting for the Eternal Breath's track "Mass Domination" as well as Terravore's "Abominable Rancor". You'll find on this  compilation great Thrash metal bands, this compilation stands as a testimonial to what is the current Thrash metal scene, the new genre of  those who would become the successors to the metal gods of the past and expanded the metal genre now. This is the third metal compilation by Malevolence Records, the highlights of this compilation are  Zafakon from Puerto Rico, Terravore from Bulgaria, Eternal Breath from Belgium, Sanity's rage from Belgium, Golpe Devastador from Brazil. I would highly suggest this to anyone who has already explored the Thrash metal scene  and is delving into more bands. All in all, a good collection of kick ass Metal. I consider this album to be a feast of extreme music that any Metal fan will certainly enjoy. So pick up your copy today!
Track Listing:
Sanity's Rage-Product of Calamity, Leave Scars-Devil's Room, Terravore-Abominable Rancor, Eternal Breath-Mass Domination, Zafakon-II. Sirens, Black4-50yds of Darkness, Golpe Devastador-Retorno Ao Reino Das Sambras, Normalice-IDK (I Decay), Kaos-United we kill, Sanity's Rage-The wheels keep Grinding, Leave Scars-Stay Down
Review by Paul Caravasi